This is your news media. I am tired of reading biased information, and false and misleading news stories. If you live in the port district ie. the eastern half of Palm Beach County, Fl., and have any relevant news in this district, please send an e-mail with pictures to In the subject line, write the name of the town nearest you, and e-mail your story. It will be reviewed by our editor, and published if the content is true and factual. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a timely, true, and factual news story in our district. There is at least one news paper in our ares that does not measure up to those standards. Thanks again.


George Black Jr. (owner/editor)

TO SUBMIT AN ARTICLE WITH OR WITHOUT PICTURES, E-MAIL THEM TO Keep in mind that the articles must be your work, no copyright violations. The  pictures must be your pictures, they must be taken from public places, or from the street or on public property, of things in clear view from these places. They may also be from your land or others land with permission. I will get into more detail later. George.