Singer Island Week of 6-19-16

Last week began with the end of a storm front that left some of the turtle nests disturbed. Florida fish and wildlife officer Sue Fleming noted that although the turtle nest count was down from last years record year it is running about average for this time of year.
The tourists, the turtles, and the local residence seemed to have enjoyed a beautiful sun kissed weekend.
Beach Bums Sand Soccer, their teams, and guests also enjoyed the sun, competition, and fun.
Unfortunately, about 12pm to 1am there was an automobile accident involving a reported white Mercedes at the corner of Plaza Circle and Blue Heron Blvd. It was reported by witnesses that the vehicle was traveling at a speed of approximately 95 miles per hour, and that the wreckage was thrown all over the four lanes, and a light pole was completely taken out.
Author/videographer George Black Jr.