039The Palm Beach Shores Property Owners Assn. conducted a seasonal Community Meeting at its Community Center on January 14th, 2013.Having the fortune of attending, I observed an insightful meeting that had great property owner participation, and came away with renewed friendships, an appreciation of the Town’s civic pride, and some new and interesting information. After hors d’oeuvres were served and wine tasted, the meeting was called to order by Chuck Howard, the outgoing POA President, who led the residents in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. With the meeting agenda approved, reports were provided by the Treasurer, the Secretary, and the Environmental Committee. This concluded, the new 2013 POA Board of Directors were sworn in and installed by the Mayor John Workman of Palm Beach Shores.


The focal point of the evening was the FPL “Smart Meter’ discussion. Steve Anderson FP&L provided an educational presentation, and stated that FP&L was in compliance with all Federal, state, and local statutes. Shirley Denton Jackson, a PBS resident, favorable commented about FPL’s willingness to accommodate and address any germane issue with its residents but noted that technology has surpassed the standards currently set, and that the ’Smart Meter’ is adversely affecting people with hyper-sensitivities. There was a hearty discussion of the installation of the “SMART METER”, which is installed on most every home in Palm Beech County and, most probably, is the type meter being utilized in your town.

This meter is a radio-frequency device that communicates to the power company and is designed to provide a better means to acquire data about your electrical usage and anticipate demands in one’s power grid . This seems to be a very handy feature but there are allegations that microwave or radio transmissions negatively affect people with hyper-sensitivities. Mrs. Jackson is one of those individuals. According to Mrs. Jackson, radio frequency bursts adversely affects her health. Her symptoms are a condition called ‘electro-sensitivity’. Research by licensed professionals is being done to further evaluate and verify this condition in Mrs. Jackson and others with electro-sensitivity. (For further information about electro-sensitivity e-mail Mrs. Jackson at art.life33404@gmail.comhide) permission is granted for e-mail.

After this healthy discussion of the Smart Meter, the meeting was adjourned, and cake, made by Christy MacDowell and donated by Mr. Gil TROWER, was enjoyed by all.


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