Halloween in Palm Beach Shores

SI Halloween2014 019

Halloween festivities for the children is a fun time for all.

Last Sunday the Town of Palm Beach Shores, Singer Island, Fl. had it’s annual Halloween carving day. There was free pizza, jumping air games, and pumpkin carving all supplied by the Town.

This event was sponsored by the Mayor’s Youth Council. As you can see in the video there were many youngsters playing joyfully, and many adults to supervise. Some of the notable guests were Former Mayor Tom Mills, and his wife Joan, Commissioners Lisa Tropepe and Myra Koutzen. There were also many volunteers from the Mayor’s Youth Council, and town members. Also present were some members of the Palm Beach Shores Police Department, Lieutenant Steve Langevin, Mike Simmons (recently promoted to Sergeant), and Officers Pfefferkorn, and Officer Gilbert. A good time was had by all.

In addition to the pumpkin carving video, I have taken video of the houses decorated for Halloween and their respective addresses in the event anyone wants to take their children trick or treating this evening. George@portofpalmbeachpost.com

Watch the video taken at the clubhouse in Palm Beach Shores, and the decorated homes in the neighborhood! (CLICK TO SEE VIDEO!)

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