An e-mail from Captain Lori to the Port of Palm Beach Post.

George…any assistant you can provide in getting the word out would be helpful.
Dear Residents,

The message below was sent to me by a very credible, “friend of Singer Island” who wishes to remain anonymous. He has asked that I pass this information off to the Residents as this issue is getting some attention yet again. As most of you are aware, the prospect of floating homes being developed across the street from us is very real. I feel it is worthwhile that every Resident on Singer Island get involved and be aware.

I will also personally reach out to Dawn Pardo today and see what other actions may be helpful from the Association.

As most of you know, Bruce Guyton lost the City Council seat to Lynn Hubbard in the 2nd runoff election. Lynn’s first item of business on the Council was to enter a motion to grant Fane Lozman’s submerged land a street address, in spite of the fact that these submerged lands, which lie within the pristine and environmentally sensitive Lake Worth Lagoon, do not even remotely meet the criteria for a postal address. Her motion smacks of political payback.

Even beyond the negative impact of floating homes with respect to native endangered species and a fragile ecology, and in spite of the voiced objections of many Singer Island residents, development of these lands raises many practical concerns. Among others, there remain questions as to how police, fire, ambulance, and other city services could be provided to floating homes. Furthermore, when the next hurricane arrives here, there is a real danger that anchored homes and their debris could blow ashore and cut off evacuation routes. The 1st smaller Blue Heron Bridge is already at risk due to the large number of derelict vessels tied nearby. Having the northern route blocked as well would effectively leave residents and visitors trapped on the island.

Even though Ms. Hubbard seemed intent on railroading this motion through the council, it did not pass. Instead a closed executive session has been called in 2 weeks to make a determination. Council members certainly should be made aware that submerged lands differ greatly and need different approvals from vacant parcels on dry land, particularly when public safety and endangered species enter the picture. However, these differences seem not to be apparent to certain members of the council.

Be aware that only 3 “yea” votes are needed to pass the motion. So it is imperative that every concerned neighbor on Singer Island contact each of the Council members listed below to express their feelings. A phone call to each is necessary, insisting that no addresses should be provided for submerged lands. Encourage them to stand up to any overt or implied pressure or threats from outside parties. If you email, make sure that each email address is copied into the recipient line.

To some, assigning a mailing address might seem innocuous, even harmless.
But it is just another step down a slippery slope. It could allow the property owner to obtain electric and other services. And where would that lead? In our neighboring communities, an address is never given out prior to submission and approval of a complete site plan and issued permit.

It is critical that you take action now to derail this wrong-headed initiative.

Lynne Hubbard 561-845-3686

Kashamba Miller Anderson kmiller@rivierabch.comTel: 561-845-3684

Tonya Davis Johnson Tel: 561-845-3687

TD Davis Tel: 561-841-0202

Dawn Pardo Tel: 561-845-3683

Mayor Masters Tel: 561-845-4145

Pam Ryan (city attorney) cityattorney@rivierabch.comTel: 561-845-4069