New Post from FOX on Cuba

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Port of Palm Beach Post shared Fox Business‘s video.

Lets keep a little bit of our integrity. We did what we did for a reason. At this point since we are going to trade with Cuba, we should not forget the lives of the soldiers in the Bay of Pigs, and the death of one of our President, although there was no direct tie to Cuba, and Lee Harvey Oswald who allegedly assassinated our then 35th President John F. Kennedy, and/or Russia. We owe the empirical leader, Fidel Castro, and his regime nothing. Google: John Harvey Oswald, Bay of Pigs, and Cuban Missile Crisis (Check Wikipedia for the results).


Raul Castro is demanding the U.S. pay $1.1 trillion in reparations to Cuba and return Guantanamo Bay to apologize for imposing 56 years of sanctions.