Many of my posts will be from Facebook which does not return to this page. Many will return to this page as it is technically outside Facebook.2011-2012 398Once you click on a FB article, you will be able to watch it if you have a Facebook account, but it will not return you to the “” media. then we both lose. If you get a “page doesn’t exist” notice with the POPBP page in the background, just click on one of the menu items. I am a politician and there are powers that be that are trying to subvert the truth, and in the name of righteousness, circumvent the Constitution of the United states, a document that I swore every inch of my life for when we used the HOLY BIBLE. Sometimes I miss the good old days, truth, and honor. I am not perfect, there is only one, GOD, Please, Help US get back to the old time values even if it costs me my life.

George Black Jr.(editor-staff writer)2011-2012 398(  .

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