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A message from Chuck Howard
regarding Town Manager Hiring
There was a Special PBS Commission Meeting on 1 February 2016 that had the Town Manager candidacy as its sole topic.  Kurt BRESSNER, a Senior Advisor of the Florida City Management Council, was the primary speaker.  For orientation, he stated that 27 people had applied for the PBS Town Manager position, and, after being interviewed by several senior advisers of this volunteer group, they subsequently down-selected to eight candidates.  The Commission was requested to reduce the number to five.
It was obvious that the Commission had received the paperwork for all the candidates at an earlier date, as it appeared relatively easy for them to reduce the number to a manageable five candidates.
A sequence of events was provided, and, other than the period to be set aside for interviewing, everything ran its course without incident.  Speaking with Evyonne BROWNING, the Palm Beach Shores Town Clerk, who will be publicizing this event soon, I have encapsulated what she disseminated to me.
            Friday, 19 February 2016
                        – 4 PM:  Prospective candidates will arrive at Palm Beach Shores and subsequently be given a tour of our Town.
                        – 6-8 PM:  A “Meet and Greet” Event will take place at the Community Center, 90 Edwards Lane, with all the Town Manager candidates present.  PBS residents are invited to attend, speak with the candidates, and mix and mingle with PBS residents, employees, and the Commissioners alike.
          Saturday, 20 February 2016
                        – 8 AM:  Special Commission Meeting begins.
                        – 9 AM:  The interviewing of prospective candidates by the Commission commences.  Again, PBS residents are encouraged to attend to observe; we are NOT invited to participate in the interview process.  I’m told that each candidate will have 45 minutes to discuss their qualifications for the position.
                        – 12-1 PM:  The Commission will break for lunch, and Florida Sunshine Laws prohibit any discussion during that time.
                        – 1:30-3 PM:  The interviewing process continues.
                        – 3:30 PM:  In the absence of the candidates, the Commission will discuss those attributes they found appealing, compare their evaluations, and select a primary and an alternate for the position of Town Manager.  Again, the public is welcomed to observe the process.
         Monday, 22 February 2016:  The PBS Town Manager will be announced and/or introduced at the Commission Meeting scheduled to convene at 7 PM.
It is hoped that as many residents as possible can attend both the “Meet & Greet” and the interview process.  IF you care about the Town, this would be an excellent opportunity to exemplify it.  Attached, below, is a matrix that was extracted from the prospective candidates’ resumés and applications that will provide an idea of the quality of our candidates.
IF there are any questions, become a participant in improving our Town with your presence.  For information purposes, Town Hall will be distributing a similar Notice shortly.
Chuck Howard
 Mobile: 904.545.3652