A Christmas Present for the Port of Palm Beach


The Port of Palm Beach Post has learned that a Christmas present to the Port of Palm Beach is on its way. The Port has set idle as far as passengers go for about two months.

On Halloween night Oct. 31, 2014 the Port’s Bahamas Celebration was fatally damaged in an unexpected accident in the Bahamas. No one was seriously injured in the accident but the Bahamas Celebration was taken out of commission.

According to new information obtained on Dec. 18, 2014 at the Port of Palm Beach, it appears that the port is soon to come back to life with a bigger Cruse Ship called the “Grand Celebration”.

This Ocean cruising vessel is in excess of 700 ft. long, and boasts of carrying approximately 1,900 passengers. The new ship contains 750 cabins, and will have a crew of approximately 600 people. This ship is scheduled to arrive in the Port of Palm Beach in the first quarter of next year.

It is speculated by some that the addition of this new larger Ship will increase the revenue to the Port approximately 1.1 Million Dollars per year over and above the 2.8 Million Dollars that was provided by the Bahamas Celebration.

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(Click here for the WPEC-CBS/12 NEWS STORY)


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