Why the Port of Palm Beach needs to make Money instead of Change


FP&L Keeping up with the Future! Photo by George Black Jr. Port of Palm Beach Post. https://www.portofpalmbeachpost.com


I shot this video footage on June 19, 2011 of the demolition of the Florida Power and Light Plant in the Port of Palm Beach. It became necessary to demolish it to build a new Plant for the future as it had become structurally obsolete.
Our Port itself has become structurally obsolete as well, and if we do not catch up to the future, we will be left in the past, and our county’s infrastructure will collapse.
I have also included some current photos of our failing sand pump that seems to be continually struggling to keep the shores of Palm Beach from washing away see: https://www.portofpalmbeachpost.com Army Corp. of Engineers.

I have also included photos of some of the recent repairs that are simply bandages for growing problem rather than a cure for the disease of our International Sea Port! We continue to have ongoing dredging in our sea port area just to maintain a reasonably functional sea port.
The new Panama Canal is scheduled to open in less than two years. We do not intend to ship with the new super ships; however, I believe we must plan for the future growth of our current customers or they will go somewhere else.

See continuing dredging photos:


See sand pump repair photos:


Note that the  wall of the pump house has recently been repaired as the new pipe was just connected to the old one. The old one was wearing and rusting out.


Note the Polyethylene pipe that is exposed on the surface of the beach. This was used to connect other bad and deteriorating steel pipe as in the previous photo.



As you can see from these photos, a new sand screen, and boom have recently been added to the old turret that siphons up the sand and pumps it over to Palm Beach Island. Will that turret last another 50 years? I think not.

Article by George Black Jr, Port of Palm Beach Post, https://www.portofpalmbeachpost.com

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