As all truly American Parades should start I have chosen this picture as the first for the beginning of our (SPDP).001

US American Parades should start out with an armed guard group carrying the American Flag!

In spit of the fact I have changed the order of the pictures a bit, if you were in the SPDP (St, Patrick’s Day Parade), you most probably find your picture.

We find the current Mayor, and the Mayor that made Palm Beach Shores “The Best Little Town in Florida.” riding in the same vehicle as friends when there was only 1 vote separating a run off in the recount as opposed to Mayor John Workman keeping his title of Mayor of the Best Little Town in Florida. As former Mayor Mills, and current Mayor John Workman both agree, Whatever our party offiliation is, We Are Americans!



Next on my photo agenda is a picture of Lisa Topepe, Commissioner {incumbent and re elected.)


Please continue for the rest of the pictures of the parade, See if you can find yourself and your family? George Black Jr (POPBP).





010013014015016017018020021022023024025026027028029030031032033034035045046047049050051055056057058059If a picture is worth a thousand words, my hands are getting tired! George Black Jr.

061062“Party at the Sea Spray!”.

065066“Palm Beach Shores is a GREAT Little town! George Black Jr. Author/Photographer.




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