Mid-Session Palm Beach Shores election Results.

025This is the pictures of two of the winners of the PALM BEACH SHORES” mid term elections. Mayor John Workman maintained his position of Mayor by one vote out of the total of 489. There were 245 votes on an recount for John Workman, and 244 votes for the former Mayor Tom Mills. As predicted, “this will be a close race.”. The tying ballot that would have required a runoff had a line drawn under “Tom Mills” name instead of between the front and back of the provided arrow. The Supervisor of elections”Susan Bucher”, and her canvasing board made the final decision. Had the miss marked ballot been marked by the official rules there would have been a runoff. The bottom line is Mayor John M. Workman remains the Mayor of Palm Beach Shores, with Lisa Tropepe as one of the other two commission offices open for election this past Tuesday. Both John and Lisa were incumbents. Thomas R. Sullivan will take the other contested seat.

One of the other hard contested issues of this race was the district “B” overlay that was rejected by 65% of the voting population of Palm Beach Shores, coined as “The Best Little Town In Florida”.

Commissioner elect Thomas R. Sullivan was unavailable for comment or picture.

Written by George Black Jr. information from PBC Voters Registration, Palm Beach Post, and other news sources.


Do not forget the Palm Beach Shores Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Celebration Starting at 11:00(EST) in Palm Beach Shores. Start early ,Stay late behind the Sea Spray Hotel!

George Black Jr;.

George Black Jr.


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