We had a wonderful day, you should try it! (Click here for video).

The Blue Heron is a drift fishing operation that hails from the Port of Palm Beach. It generally has two tours of fishing per day. This video is of ONE FUN AFTERNOON TOUR that my family, and I greatly joyed. The trips are four hours long, and as a general rule dinner is caught. We not only had fun, but enjoyed 2 dinners for four, one that night, and another at a later date.
Fish does not get any fresher than that.
And believe me, fresh caught fish does taste better than fish bought from the grocery. When fresh caught, fish do not have that odor that most people associate with fish. This is because that fishy smell is actually a bacteria that grows on fish rapidly once it is caught and is dead. Take a cruise on the Miss Blue Heron and see for yourself. It is great.

Music is: Daily Beetle by artist Kevin MacLeod