Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Last minute e-mail from the Honda Classic PGA via George Black Jr.

The Holiday 2-For-1 Ticket Special


Only four days left to take advantage of the 2 for 1 full-week ticket offer to the 2016 Honda Classic!


Each Classic Value Pack ticket booklet includes one Grounds Pass for each day of the tournament, Tuesday through Sunday, plus additional coupons to save even more at PGA National, Tire Kingdom, Cobra Puma and local golf courses! If you purchase the 2-For-1 Classic Value Pack special you wil also recieve one Good Any One Day General Parking Pass!


This offer is only available until December 31st, so click the button below to purchase your ticket package today!




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GREENWOOD (December 15, 2015) – A recruiter with the Indiana Army National Guard has an offer for three young vandals who ruined his home Christmas…

Palm Beach Shores Commission Meeting 12-21-2015 (1st Cut)

Due to the fact that in editing video it may take several passes to do the cut final, this video is somewhat lengthy. Be assured that all the information is included in spite of the fact that some of it is duplicated because of the use of two cameras.

Thank you for watching, Merry Christmas and Happy Holydays,


Good Law enforcement is one of the keys of good Government


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Port of Palm Beach Commission Meeting


DSCN3320(Port of Palm Beach Commission Meeting 12-16-2015 CLICK LINK!)

Watch the Republican Debate Live:

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It seems to me to be an injustice to the Blood of the Colonists from Bunker-hill and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and all the blood of all the dead Soldiers from then up to and including today that have and are giving their lives for the Constitution of the United States of America while we have 39 states in treason against the same Constitution. Felonious Perjury committing politicians have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America while in reality they are extorting money from the poor, and scared Americans that would under the pressure of confinement, loss of their jobs, their mortgage, their homes, and families cave into (with the Judge’s permission), perjury themselves. Is it really only “All about the money”? You are responsible for the outcome.


Some where over the rainbow. (The Cruisers, and the United States Navy Band)


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