Port of Palm Beach Commission meeting 11-19-2015


Watch the Port of Palm Beach Commission Meeting, 11-19-2015 (CLICK HERE).

Palm Beach Shores Commission Meeting 11-16-15

Video of the Palm Beach Shores Commission Meeting of 11-16-2015.


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Palm Beach Shores Commission Meeting 11-16-15


Nice meting of the Palm Beach Shores Commission. Video will be forth coming.

This months Palm Beach Shores Commission Meeting was interesting as always


We have a new INT REM COMMISSIONER, and an issue of non-information about the Port of Palm Beach District, and their alleged neglect of the “BEST LITTLE TOWN IN FLORIDA”. I  personally think that (CNG) on ships is a good thing for the Port, and it’s business, but that may just be me. I made many years of my life in the Oil, Gas, and Water well business from engineering, designing and turning those ideas into reality with the help of GOD. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is ignorance. George Black Jr. (Editor, staff writer, portofpalmbeachpost.com, ) The video of this Commission meeting will be forthcoming. G.

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On stage in Springfield, IL

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On stage at the Republican Presidential Debate

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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe with my sons Don Jr. and Eric

On Thursday, I traveled to Fort Dodge, Iowa to meet with the team at POET, the largest ethanol producer in the country. I met so many great people and enjoyed our conversation about the importance of renewable fuel. I then hosted thousands at a rally where we spoke about many of the important issues that have become the cornerstones of my campaign, including the economy, illegal immigration, strengthening our military and taking care of our Vets!

Meeting the team at POET in Fort Dodge, IA

Today we are in Orlando, Florida to attend the Sunshine Summit. Florida is like a second home to me. I have many successful properties here and we are doing so well in the most recent Florida polls, which show me with 37%.

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Notice of current calendar:

Palm Beach Shores Commission Meeting tonight at 7:pm EST.

Port ofn Palm Beach Commission Meeting Thursday 11-19-15

Palm Beach Shores Home Owners Association Discussion of the Undrground Utilities Question

United States Navy Band

What more can I add to this post? Stay tuned, we have a Sea Seders beach clean up and meeting today, (SABBATH: Nov. 14, 2015 between 9 AM, and 3 PM, EST)

I have forthcoming the Palm Beach Shores Home Owners meeting to be uploaded to You Tube, and should, GOD willing, the Monday Palm Beach Shores Commission Meeting. G..