A few pictures for Lake Park

I took a little stroll the other day and noticed this sign at US 1, and Park Ave.

6-26-14 010


So I decided to stroll through the park as I had not been there lately. Between this sign and the Marina, I found a chapel, a memorial monument to some of our fallen soldiers, two fountains, six tennis courts, and a few other goodies.

The park was very empty. Here are a few more pictures. George

6-26-14 011

6-26-14 012

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6-26-14 018

6-26-14 021

6-26-14 0246-26-14 029

Visit these two back to back parks soon with the kids. You might find that it is a fun place for a family to go.



Parents Passing

If you are under 50 years old this most probably has not happened to you. If you have no parents or do not care about your parents. This comment does not belong to you. God bless my parents. George Allan Black Jr.


Florida 300

Florida 300

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I had the privilege to watch the Singer Island landing of this four landing annual event, including a drone with cameras. It makes landfall at Key Biscaine, Singer Island, Vero Beach, and finishes it’s race is from Isle of Morada at Cocoa Beach Florida. The sights were awesome.I have a nice video of the drone with the cameras, and some regular photos as well.

Here is the YouTube link below. Don’t forget to watch the pictures at the end of the video. Be patient as they load slow. George.

Watch Video.





Been a couple months because of the passing of my mother, and other complications


Immediately upon my return from Kentucky still in my 30 days of mourning my Mother’s passing I  had the privilege of watching the catamarans in the Floridan 300 take one of their three stops along their 300 miles from the Isle of Morada, Fl to Cocoa beach, Fl. The three stops are, Key Biscayne, Singer Island, and Vero Beach. Each vessel has a tracking unit to keep track of it’s location, and there is a drone including cameras in the event it is needed,

Went fishing today

The bait fish are currently plentiful, they are chased by the bigger fish, that are eaten by fish even bigger yet. I got dinner for four. Even from the shore, and it was “GOOD”! If you are into fishing, go to your favorite spot, boats with depth finders, or from the shore from your proven spot. Fishing is HOT!

Nice spacious small house

This Dream Home Only Cost Them $22,000. Just Wait Til You Go Inside…Wow!
They had a big dream about living…


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<p>Your FREE click helps homeless & hungry veterans!</p>
<p>Follow the link► www.greatergood.me/1jxin9A
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There’s no doubt in my mind the fall of Iraq to Islamists will rival the killing fields of Pol Pot. Obama is enabling the formation of an Islamic caliphate.http://allenbwest.com/2014/06/iraqs-fall-will-rival-killing-fields-pol-pot/

There's no doubt in my mind the fall of Iraq to Islamists will rival the killing fields of Pol Pot. Obama is enabling the formation of an Islamic caliphate. http://allenbwest.com/2014/06/iraqs-fall-will-rival-killing-fields-pol-pot/


Many of my posts will be from Facebook which does not return to this page. Many will return to this page as it is technically outside Facebook.2011-2012 398Once you click on a FB article, you will be able to watch it if you have a Facebook account, but it will not return you to the “portofpalmbeachpost.com” media. then we both lose. If you get a “page doesn’t exist” notice with the POPBP page in the background, just click on one of the menu items. I am a politician and there are powers that be that are trying to subvert the truth, and in the name of righteousness, circumvent the Constitution of the United states, a document that I swore every inch of my life for when we used the HOLY BIBLE. Sometimes I miss the good old days, truth, and honor. I am not perfect, there is only one, GOD, Please, Help US get back to the old time values even if it costs me my life.

George Black Jr.(editor-staff writer)2011-2012 398(https://www.portofpalmbeachpost.com)  .


GOD bless America and remember those that gave us our Freedom!
All Americans should watch this video! Semper Fi Ron
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