District Restored Eroded Shoreline in Three Sisters

Eroded Shoreline The District completed the Three Sisters Springs Bank Stabilization Project in Crystal River. Before the project, visitors to Three Sisters Springs could easily spot exposed tree roots and an eroded shoreline. Find out how the restored shoreline will help improve water quality and create safer conditions for visitors.

Wetland Treatment Project Open Again to the Public 

Wetland Treatment Project Visitors returning to the Three Sisters Springs property will find big changes. That’s because the District recently completed the Wetland Treatment Project adjacent to the springs. The property had been closed to the public since April during construction, but visitors will now find a wetland area in a six-acre section of the property to treat stormwater runoff. Watch a video about the project.

Florida DEP Awards Millions for Springs Projects

Rainbow Springs The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) awarded more than $7.5 million in grants for water-quality enhancement projects in Citrus County to protect the health of Kings Bay and Crystal River’s unique spring-fed systems comprised of more than 70 freshwater Springs throughout a 600-acre bay. Learn about the projects happening in our District.

Watch for Migrating Manatees in Cooler Months

Migrating Manatees Watch out for manatees swimming in Florida’s rivers, bays or coastal waters. Keep in mind this time of year manatees are searching for warmer waters to help them survive winter’s cold. Click here for information about manatee protection zones by county, viewing guidelines and other educational tips.