powerplant and dredging 005The above picture is of the dredging equipment being currently used by the Army Corp. Of Engineers in the dredging project that is currently underway in the Port of Palm Beach. I noted that the equipment being used in this project is from several different places in the United States. The port of call of the main dredging equipment is from Texas, and one of the other tug boats was from Georgia.

The dredging is not scheduled to last more than thirty days, and is being done as part of a study to determine if the Port can be deepened and if so how much it will cost. The Port of Palm Beach feels that it is necessary to deepen our port if possible as the POPB has recently acquired a sister port agreement with the Port of Busa Korea a massive global sea port, and due to the fact that the improvements of the Panama Canal are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014.

If our port is deepened it will be able to service ships with deeper hulls, and therefore larger capacities thereby increasing its’ attractiveness to a larger audience of global sea traffickers. The port of Palm Beach is currently the 21st largest bulk container transporter in the United States as measured by through traffic. Throughput information supplied by American Association of Port Authorities.


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