but never charged with a crime. Last October Republican Candidate George Black Jr. while running for the position of Commissioner of the Port of Palm Beach was falsely arrested. The police officer in his probable cause statement alleged that Mr. George Black Jr. tried to break into a house in North Palm Beach. Upon further investigation it was found that Mr. George Black Jr. was making an attempt to rescue someone that he believed to be injured. 

At the arraignment hearing held in November, the alleged victim Carolyn Andriano, appeared, and testified to the prosecution that Mr. George Black Jr. did not try to burglarize her home, and that the police officer had made up certain details of the incident. The case was then dismissed as frivolous.

This was the second time that Republican Candidate George Black Jr. has been falsely arrested, and become a political prisoner for his effort to hold a public office. Mr. George Black Jr. was also arrested falsely when he ran for the office of Sheriff of Johnson County, Indiana. In this incident it was alleged that Mr. George Black Jr. had taken cocaine due to a contaminated urine screen. At trial it was found that the urine sample that contained cocaloids had done the scientifically impossible. This sample became stronger after time even under the strict chain of custody that is required by law. This leads to the suspicion that the urine sample had been tampered with or spiked.

In that campaign Mr. Black attempted to run against the incumbent Sheriff who had an affair with the woman that was then Mr. Black’s wife. The last name of that Sheriff was Richards, the same last name of the current Port Commissioner that Mr. Black ran against in 2012.

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