cruise ship is docked until further notice at the Port of Palm Beach. This comes only about three months into the vessel’s new charter as a day cruise gambling vessel. According to sources at the Port of Palm Beach the ship will be docked while the company restructures.

The Black Diamond is a 160ft. vessel that was recently refurbished for approximately five million dollars. It started its new tenure last November. The now unemployed crew are expected to be paid; however, when this reporter went to the fifth floor office at the Port of Palm Beach Maritime Office Complex where the Black Diamond Cruise ship maintains it’s office on the fifth floor, the entire fifth floor was shut down, and the elevator was set not to respond when the fifth floor button was pushed. None the less when called the Black Diamond office’s answering service suggests that they are under reorganization

While attending the monthly commission meeting the Black Diamond issue was originally on the agenda, but Manuel Almira the Executive Director of the Port of Palm Beach, expecting better news and more information next month, suggested that the issue should be tabled until next month. This suggestion was honored by the port Commission, and this issue is tabled until the Port Commission meeting scheduled for Friday, March 22nd at high noon.


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