Port of Palm Beach Commission Meeting, 3-15-2018. This video is of the Regular Board of Commissioners Meeting of the PORT OF PALM BEACH DISTRICT, 3-15-2018. Although this video is for the most part complete and accurate, there was a power outage in the corner of the Port of Palm Beach Boardroom this was the corner where the videographer is normally set up. Therefore Section H-2 of the agenda is not present, and there were two other places where a few hundredths of a second the audio/video was not present. These two other places are marked at 1:02:31:01 and 1:17:51:16 respectively. Please be sure to check this video against the stenographer’s notes due to be approved at the April 19th 2018 meeting.
In addition the official record of the February meeting can be found in (this link).

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