The Majestic Princess II is a floating entertainment center with Tides 41 Restaurant, site seeing tours, and entertainment specialties.
This Luxury 124 ft. Yacht is open to the public for luxury dining at the Riviera Beach Marina or on the water with sight seeing tours, and Special Entertainment Events.

One of last months special events was a “Murder Mystery Cruise”, “Who Killed Gilligan”. The next “Murder Mystery Extravaganza”, is a theme called “Who Killed Versace”.
This is a 3 course Dinner Cruise wherein the diners interact with the Cruise Detectives to solve the murder. The cost of this 7-10pm dinner extravaganza is $59.95 plus tax and gratuity.

Every Sunday the Majestic Princess has a “2 Hour Narrated Sightseeing Cruise” with Live Entertainment from 11AM-1PM.
The cost for this Brunch Buffet is $49.95 plus gratuity and Tax.
Saturday’s Cruise especially for families with kids was a “Minions Cruise” theme wherein the live character Minions had activities for the children on the cruise as well as a buffet lunch for both the parents and the children. The cost of this affair was $19.95 for the children, and $9.95 for the adults.

October’s “Cruise Extravaganza”, will feature a “Magic of Motown” theme that will last for 3 hours and features Larry Johnson of the “Richard Street Temptations”. The cost of this event will be $59.95 plus tax and gratuity, and will occur on Friday the 2nd of October.

The Majestic Princess II generally has operating hours of 11AM-8PM Wednesday and Thursday, has Friday and Saturday Sightseeing and Dinner cruises from 12pm-6pm, and brunch and dinner cruises Sunday except in the cases of “Special Events”.
For more Information please contact the Majestic Princess II at (561)254-0424. also check out their official websites:
( CLICK HERE) Majestic Princess Cruises

Best wishes and happy sailing,
George Black Jr. (CEO, Port of Palm Beach Post)