With all due respect to this Democratic Society…

I am a Republican. I will vote for Donald J. Trump. This society has been nearly destroyed by today’s “WASHINGTON”. Hillary is a part of that “WASHINGTON”. In spite of this “FACT”, to be a fair International News Media, I must give equal opportunity to both parties. Remember we are all Americans before we are “Particent”.

I do not believe everything people say anymore, but try the words against the facts. President Obama promised “Change”. We have seen change. We are farther in debt now as a Country than we were. The president has created change. He has changed the name on the desk in the “Oval Office”, He has made Iran who has formerly sworn to kill all Americans and Jews, and who had a sanction now a potential Nuclear Threat! The list goes on.

Chelsie gave an excellent and heart warming speech, but Mom just has not convinced me to trust her and Washington yet. After 8 years of Obama we are worse than we were.  This having been said, I give you the Democratic parties candidate Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech.


With respect to Hillary’s record, She has a huge bank account, and we are poorer than we were as a whole.

And now that we are about to have an election Hillary is going to do what Obama, Bushs, a former Clinton, etc, could not do as the Government is today?